About Me.


Y!ou must have realized by now that my name is Tiago, by the name you realize that I am Portuguese.
I live in the famous region that “nothing’s happening” which is the famous Alentejo.
I graduated in Communication Design and in a near future I will be a Master of Digital Identity Design.
Currently I work for Go Organic as a graphic/web designer.

Hope you enjoy!


Junior Graphic Designer
UX/UI Designer.

Why 62.

My logo has the number 62 and the justification is quite simple, when I was in the creative process I thought I wanted to have a logo with my initials because I wanted to be known by my name but I felt that a personal touch was missing and then I remembered to use the number 62 which is my index of physical deficiency.
It’s a number but this is what makes me different as a human being.

Work Experience.

I presently work for an organic animal production company as a web/graphic designer and provide services to a renewable energy company.


Since high school I studied multimedia but it was when I decided to go to university to study communication design that my dream was realized, I was getting closer and closer to being able to create communication objects in order to be objective in my career.
Currently I’m in the final phase of my master’s degree in Digital Identity Design.

Free Time.





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